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Is it October yet?

Way, way, WAAAAY too much happening this month. I've barely had time to breathe, let alone write anything (though I've tried to read my flist once or twice a week).

The Good:
* aramisraven and mimazu's wedding was incredible, and I was so happy and proud of my dear friends. It was wonderful to see thistles in person again, and to meet the famous duo of J&J. When Scoot and I come over Christmas, we definitely want to meet up with everyone and have that drink! (Besides, Scoot needs his Boystown cherry popped...)

* Having a great visit in Chicago! I got to introduce Scoot to my friends, and the reviews on all sides were very positive. We packed in a lot of visiting in those few days.

* I officially have health insurance for the first time in over two years. Doctors and dentists and glasses, I see thee in my future!

* I presented the Homecoming/Water Communion at the local UU church. I forgot how much I love being at the podium, discussing spirituality and community with liberal congregations. I had many people come up to me after service to say how well the entire service went, how meaningful it was, and what a great job I did. It was and is an incredible honor, especially because we are a church community without a minister at this point.

* Being asked to be the service leader for our Mabon/Autumn Equinox service tomorrow. By one of the "stateswomen" of the church's Pagan community.

The Bad:
* Barely spending any time with Moms and Pops when we were visiting. Most of the time was spent with friends. I promised Moms I'd make it up at Christmas.

* Scoot being cut up. He had surgery last Thursday. While the surgery itself was extremely successful (kidney removal), the recovery was hell. He was released Wednesday. No-one, including the surgeon, anticipated such a difficult recovery. Scoot's home, thankfully, and is doing pretty fair.

* Extreme family stuff going on. Lots of changes for Scoot's kids the past few weeks has made it a rather emotional time. Things seemed to be settling for a few months, so I'm thankful for that.

* My godmother's cancer is back. With a vengence.

The Good and The Bad:
* We're moving next week. Get the keys on Sunday, movers come Monday (there was no way we could move ourselves; Scoot's on a ban from lifting anything over 20 lbs.). It's not that far away, only, oh, about a 10 second drive, 90 second walk. But still - it's moving. The good thing is about 80% of my things and 50% of Scoot's things are boxed up in the garage.

* It's 10:30 on a Saturday night and I'm exhausted. I slept 10 hours last night and took a 90 minute nap today. Is that even *legal*?!?
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Nature - Go Outside

Needle In, Yarn Over, Push it Through, Take it Out

That's the only thing I remember from Moms trying to teach me how to knit. Somewhere, hidden in the depths of my Barbie collection, is an apron I knitted out of multi-colored brown, cream and orange yarn (so very 70's).

I go through phases of wanting to create with my hands. I know how to do a few things with crochet, yet next to nothing about knitting. However, from what I remember, I am a fair cross-stitcher (I have to say "...from what I remember" because it has been years since I've tried to cross-stitch).

This is all rambling in my head right now because I found a memento?gift?memory? from my wedding the other day. It's a white handkerchief with my initials in blue cross-stitched in very pretty lettering that my "best friend" (I only saw her once after the wedding; she married a conservative Lutheran, went with him to his seminary, and had three boys) gave to me as my "something new, something blue".

Methinks one of these phases is sneaking up on me. Not like I have anything else going on, oh no - trip to Chicago for Aramis and Mimazu's wedding next weekend, Scoot's surgery the following week, and oh yeah, the very real possibility of moving (again) in October.

Nope, nothing going on over here. Turn around and scuttle back to your corners!
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Misc - Feeling Coy

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Rough listing of things happening since the move:

-New job is good, great in fact.
-Car is awesome, I named her Dune.
-Parents are happy and healthy, the puppies are now "horses", according to Moms.
-Two dear, dear friends are getting married three weeks from today, and I get to stand in their wedding party and witness their union.
-Kansas heat is, in fact, different from Chicago heat. It's hotter, but it's drier and windier.
-Scoot, unfortunately, is having health issues. He's OK right now, but he will be going under the knife in mid-September.
-I've met his folks. Nice, conservative, protective. I think they have no idea what to make of this tall Yankee, but I did get a "She's so nice!" comment from Scoot's mother when we visited.
-I finally got to see a Space Shuttle up close!
-I miss my friends dearly. Life isn't the same when I can't hop in the car and drive to S&J's, or plan an outing up to visit Aramis and Mimazu.
-Paws is still the High Queen, though now it's the High Queen of the Postage Stamp Duplex.
-We (might) be moving before the year ends.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
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FF/S - Kaylee Umbrella

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Nothing too much out of the ordinary is happening, which I rather like. It's a v.e.r.y.s.l.o.w. work day, and thank the gods it's almost over.

No news yet on the Very Big Airline Company job, bah.

The architecture firm is going *very* well.

Scoot and I are very happy.

Time to get ready to go home and enjoy the beautiful evening.
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Dune - Litany Against Fear

Still Here

The horrible tornado that hit Kansas last night didn't come anywhere near Wichita. Greensburg is over 115 miles to the west of us.

Scoot and I were watching various programs last night, and around 10:00 I went into the office/Mac Cave (thanks for allowing me to steal that name, Aramis, it's become the code in our house) to hang out as I usually do before bed. When I went online I saw the tornado warning and came right back out asking Scoot "OK, is this near us?" He had just found it on the local news station, and we ended up watching coverage until about 12:30. One story I'll remember is a phone interview the KAKE anchor did with the owner of the motel in Greensburg. She and her husband took shelter in a closet in their house; the rest of their house was destroyed, save the one room and closet they were in. *shudders*

I've seen funnel clouds and tornadoes at a distance, and have had to take shelter a few times in my life. Last night's weather just emphasized to me that I really *haven't* been through it yet. Friends and loved ones have been through tornadoes, ranging from last year's Iowa City tornado to the Andover, KS tornado in 1991.

Turns out, Dorothy, this is Kansas. Tornadoes are a regular occurrence. I pray to the gods that I never have to live through such devastation.
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Kill Bill - Bud Hat


*looks at the clock*
*looks longingly at the bed*

Yes, I'm up this early. I have a good reason - today I start a quasi-temp job. The reason it's "quasi"? If I don't get the offer from the Very Big Airline Company, I know this company is looking to hire into this position full-time.

Time to go make myself all prettified and greet the buisiness world of Wichita. Yay.


...but wow I miss sleeping in until 8...
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BeBop - Spike Space Cowboy


Boxes, boxes everywhere.
Over there, under there, everywhere.

I'll be back with more thrilling heroics next week. Don't break the interwebs while I'm gone!
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Fma - Havoc stir-fry

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Happy birthday, havocmangawip!! May the Land of Cheese be gracious to you on your natal day.

....now off to go shopping with J, she's going to fix my highlights today....hallelujah!
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FMA - Alfonz

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The goodbyes have begun.

The keyring is less one key.

Nine days from now I'll be on the road with all my worldly possessions behind a thin metal wall two inches from my head, driving into the known unknown.

Time to dive back into the time warp that is the boxes from my storage unit. Dear gods, I forgot how big my Taz phase was in the 90's....
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FMA/FF - Winry betrayal

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I am trying very hard not to write a scathing email.

It's very hard.

Don't you love it when people tell you one thing, then a few weeks later tell you something completely opposite?

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